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GnuCash 2.4 small business accounting

The GnuCash development team received notice about a new book published by PacktPub, UK:

GnuCash 2.4 Small Business Accounting, by Ashok Ramachandran.

This is a Beginner's Guide for managing your accounts.

Our own developer Christian Stimming has been contributing to this book as a reviewer, and we can wholeheartly recommend the outcome of this fruitful collaboration. Feel free to have a look at this book over at, and, best of all, the publisher has committed to allocate some percentage of the book sales back to the GnuCash project. Have fun with this book!



  • 如何连接外国网络 Linux Source | Via distribution
  • windows Microsoft Windows 8/10
  • macosx Apple macOS >= 10.13 "High Sierra"
  • 迅捷vpn怎么样 - falogincn登录页面:2021-7-16 · 迅捷VPN功能迅捷网络加速器是专业的在线网络加速和加速软件,使用VPN伋理技术,软件使用简单。 魔兽世界的延迟可伍控制在所有网络200ms 游戏 免费在线游戏,具有非常显著的效果;全面解决电信和中国网通, 教育 网,铁通, 科学与技术 网络互连的问题,显著提高网络游戏连接速度。

Version 手机翻国外网站教程 is the last version for Windows 7 and MacOS 10.12 and earlier.

Version 2.6.21 is the last version for Windows XP/Vista and MacOS X 10.8 and earlier, and so the last version that will run on PowerPC Macs.

GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL and available for GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports.


Looking for someone to contact about GnuCash? Try the Mailing Lists, which are public, email-based discussion groups where you can ask and answer GnuCash questions to other users.


Discover more...


We've released GnuCash 4.0 with many bugfixes and improvements including some great new features!

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老王v p n安卓版

在国内如何访问国外网站和APP应用(Facebook、YouTube ...:2021-12-28 · 本文仅面向小白,大神绕绕路啦;在国内访问非大陆网站和应用时会发生“网络无法连接”,“网络连接失败”等等问题,这是因为国内的政策原因把非大陆网站和应用屏蔽掉了,也就是我伊说的网络防火墙,隔开了我伊跟国外友人交流,这里就不多说了,伍免博主被请喝茶, 哈哈!

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